GLINT goes Beijing

Several GLINT resarchers attended the 7th International Workshop on Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging in Beijing, CN, November 12-15, 2018.

GLINT coordinator Xavier Golay (UCL) delivered a keynote on "Will GlucoCEST MRI be able to visualise cancer in humans?" on behalf of the consortium and presented the current state of the project.

Dario Longo (UNITO) spoke on "Combining GlucoCEST and pH imaging for an improved characterization of tumor metabolism" and concluded that the findings of the UNITO group highlight a good characterization of the tumour metabolism by exploiting complimentary MRI-CEST approaches in comparison to PET imaging.

Moreover, Moritz Zaiss (MPG) presented on "Clinical CEST MRI studies at Ultra-high B0 field (7T and 9.4T)". He showed that these studies yield new insights in the Z-spectrum and highlighted that isolated CEST MRI at UHF is a generator of novel non-invasive MR biomarkers.

The proceedings of the meeting are available online and can be accessed here.

Posted on Thursday 6 December 2018